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Sourcing information is one thing, making that knowledge apply to your own specific needs is quite another….

With the massive growth of the internet, there are many places that you can find the information you require about your financial needs.

Along the way, some may also decide to handle the whole process themselves. But nothing is straightforward, and when the questions mount up, the problems may begin. And before they know it, it’s started to take up much more of their time than expected. This is why people take professional advice, be it a tradesperson or qualified adviser.

Here at Oliver Jaques we recommend Chancery Mortgage Services Ltd as our independent mortgage advisers.

At Chancery Mortgage Services Ltd, the aim of all of their team is to save you time. Once they have established your requirements, they can see what’s on offer, and help guide you through the process by liaising with the various parties involved. This will greatly reduce the time you may need to devote to your application.

They would also have a better steer on where you may secure an offer, again saving you time by limiting the number of lenders approached or considered. For example, each time you apply for credit, this may be recorded on the files held by credit reference agencies. This could result in a downgraded rating, which may ultimately make the cost of borrowing higher for you.

For more information please contact Steven Wills on 0208 4608460 or e-mail

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