A Bite to Eat and a Touch of History in Rotherhithe

published on 02/03/2018  

Rotherhithe was once a bustling port which saw large ships full of goods like wood and grain coming and going between London and the rest of the world. Today it is a vibrant area with plenty of family friendly shops, restaurants and parks. You can get to the West End in 15 minutes on the underground.

If you’re looking for a property in Rotherhithe and you want to stop somewhere for a bite to eat, then take in a bit of Rotherhithe history and stop at The Mayflower.

Between cobbled streets, tucked away on the Thames this pub has been around since the 16th century and is in fact the oldest pub on the Thames. It is full of olde-worlde atmosphere, helped by wood panelling, oak beams and candles on the tables.

The Mayflower of course was the ship that took the Pilgrim fathers across the pond to form a colony in what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts. In 1621 it was captained by a local from Rotherhithe, Captain Christopher Jones who used the bar along with a whole host of sailors and merchants before and after long trips abroad. He died not long after he got back from his trip to America and is buried in the nearby St. Mary’s churchyard.

Today it is popular for its great River Views and for its good food. It boasts the best fish and chips in London, but it also serves traditional burgers and pies as well as fresh fish and seafood. The wine list in keeping with its traveller’s atmosphere, contains bottles from Spain, Chile, Australia, France and Italy. You’ll also find a good selection of traditional ales and beers.

If you prefer to stay close to dry land, then you could try The Blacksmiths. It’s in Rotherhithe Street, not far from the Thames. It too claims to have nautical connections. Nelson was said to have used the pub and his mistress, Lady Hamilton lived next door.

It combines traditional pub fare fused with a Thai menu, so you can choose a traditional roast dinner or a spicy Thai green curry. They also have a buffet menu with 5 or 7 options, which include chicken satay and tomato and pepper bruschetta.

Their wine list includes selections from New Zealand, France, Italy and Spain.  On a Friday evening the pub hosts live music with a variety of acts throughout the month. During the summer months you can sit outside in the garden. Tags: Rotherhithe, The Mayflower, The Blacksmiths, Pubs