A Beginners Guide To Planting

published on 04/04/2018  

If you've recently moved home, you may well have been lucky enough to acquire a garden. If your previous home was also in London, chances are you won't have had one before and won't know where to start. Here are a few helpful tips to help you get started on your gardening journey.


Before you rush off to buy plants you need to look at the soil in your garden. Gardener’s World have a useful video you can watch to tell you if your soil is chalk, clay, peaty, sandy, loamy or silty. Once you know what type soil you’ve got you can pick out plants that grow well. You can also buy soil treatments to improve it if it’s not too good.


Next, make a note of where in the garden you get sun and where there is shade. This will help you put your plants in the right position and buy the right plants for each place in the garden.


The next thing you need to do is to get rid of any weeds because they take away nutrients from the soil. Dig over the soil with a long-pronged fork and make sure you remove every part of the root. Weeds with short roots can be taken away by using a hoe.

Buying Plants

Now you can sit down and plan where to put your plants in the garden and take a trip to the garden centre. Fill your garden with colour and use plants with different heights for variety. When you get home place your plants on top of the soil. Make sure you like how they will look before you plant them. This gives you the chance to change their positions before they are in the ground.


When you are reading for planting, take each root and give it a good watering, so that it is wet when you plant it. Make a hole in the soil large enough for the root ball with space left for it to spread. Follow the instructions on the plant about spacing. Don’t be tempted to put too many plants close together, they need room to grow. Remember to put the plants where they will flourish. Plants that like sun will need a sunny spot and plants that like shade will do better in a shady corner.


When you buy your plants, the labels will usually come with them. Put this into the ground next to the plant to help you remember what you have planted.


Soil plants, unlike pots shouldn’t need a great deal of watering unless it is particularly dry. The best way to find out if your plants need water is to dig down a couple of inches into the soil. If it’s dry, then it needs water.
Before you know it, you’ll have a lovely garden full of colour. Add some garden furniture and sit outside whenever the weather permits.
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