Decisions Decisions

By published on 14/12/2016  

With lenders criteria tightening in some cases, I have highlighted below some tips to ensure you stand the best chance of being approved for a ‘decision in principle’ This is usually the point at which a lender credit scores you.Get on the voters roll.Set up a direct debit for the minimum payment on all credit or store cards.Never close down a direct debit until you are sure the provid

Can self-employed people get a mortgage?

By published on 11/12/2016  

Many of the new enquiries we receive at Chancery are from people who are self-employed. I have covered below a few of the questionsHow is my income treated for lending purposes?Where sole traders/LLP’s or partnerships are concerned lenders will generally only accept a client’s net income after all expenses have been offset. For Ltd companies we have a bit more flexibility as lenders wi

Why use a mortgage broker?

By published on 06/12/2016  

A professional mortgage broker can provide a level of service that a borrower cannot obtain direct from a lender and certainly not from a comparison site.The key issue is advice. For those who want to take out the biggest loan they are ever likely to have without obtaining any kind of advice then the internet has a wealth of information. However, the cheapest product does not take into account you